Services We Offer

Medical Transcription

Pennhealth provides all kind of Medical Transcription services from Orthodox transcription to platform based online transcription to v-EHR to hospitals, clinics and physicians in the U.S and other European countries.

Medical Record Indexing

By providing organised medical records according to your requirement, we make navigation through medical records and assimilation of information easier.

Medical Record Summarization

We assure timely delivery of accurate organised medical records, in compliance with state and Federal regulations.

Medical Scribing

Medical scribes strengthen the capacity for emergency medicine care teams to deliver significant results, and fulfil the minute-to-minute needs of ED patients.

PennHealth Since 2017

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% Accuracy

Why PennHealth?

  • Saves your Time and Money

    Our unique workflow management and technology allows us to offer the most competitive price range and enables us to deliver our services faster!

  • Experience and Quality

    We offer expeditious interpretation of complex medical records. We ensure quality with multilevel inspection by a qualified and experienced team, which comprises of both documentation and medical professionals.

  • Unparalleled Customer Service

    We assure 24x7 customer service to address all your queries.

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