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A Leading Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing Company.

PennHealth Informatics was founded in 2017, on the strong footing of over 15 years experience in US healthcare industry by it’s founders.

We excel in providing services including 24/7 transcription, scribing, indexing, and summarization to hospitals, clinics, physicians, and medico-legal firms across the United States.

Our team consisting of highly trained and dedicated medical scribes and transcriptionists who ensure seamless interaction with physicians while upholding utmost privacy standards.

Our Master Minds

Biju Mattamana - President

Biju Mattamana


A veteran management professional and perfectionist, he has been instrumental in realizing many new ventures and projects for Pennhealth. He has earned an engineering graduation degree in Mechanical and MBA. He possesses around 20 years of diversified experience in Engineering, IT, BPO, and KPO sectors.
Mathewson Karimthuruthel, Director

Mathewson Karimthuruthel


Mathewson is the Founder of Pennhealth. He has led the organization since its inception and grown it to its current position. Mathewson is responsible for the organization’s growth strategy and heads its leadership team. He has Bachelor’s degree in Technology specializing in Mechanical Engineering and has an MBA in Information Services.
Mission - pennhealth


Empowering Care Through Precision: Redefining Documentation

Built upon a legacy of 15 years of expertise within the US healthcare industry, Pennhealth Informatics stands as a beacon of excellence. Our accomplished team of adept medical scribes and transcriptionists is committed to ensuring flawless physician interaction, maintaining the highest standards of privacy and efficiency in every healthcare encounter.


Fueling Growth through Passion and Innovation

Driving healthcare transformation through quality, innovation, and expertise. Our goal is to foster better outcomes for partners, patients, and employees by uniting intelligence, skilled workforce, and cutting-edge technology.

Our Pledge

At PennHealth Informatics, maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality is non-negotiable. We are committed to upholding HIPAA standards to safeguard patient information throughout the medical transcription and scribing processes.
For any inquiries regarding our HIPAA compliance or to learn more about our privacy measures, please contact us.

Why Us

Data Security

Medical scribing has revolutionized the way physicians practice medicine. Medical scribing has transformed the healthcare industry, allowing physicians to focus on the patient while the scribe handles the documentation.

Trust and Reputation

By strictly adhering to these standards, PennHealth Informatics showcases its commitment to excellence, reliability, and ethical practices, enhancing our reputation as your trusted partner in healthcare data management.

Quality of Care

Compliance with these protocols ultimately contributes to better healthcare outcomes by maintaining the accuracy, security, and accessibility of critical patient information, aiding in informed decision-making by healthcare professionals.

Quality Is Not Just a Word; It's A Philosophy

  • Comprehensive Services Specializing in medical transcription, Virtual Medical Scribing (Live/Synchronous and Offline/Asynchronous), and information management services for hospitals, integrated healthcare networks, clinics, and physicians globally.
  • Proven Track Record Demonstrating excellence with a consistent quality rating exceeding 99% and a remarkable Turnaround Time (TAT) of 98%, reflecting our steadfast dedication to superior performance.
  • Technology-Driven Processes Technology stands as a cornerstone in our operations, fortifying security measures and optimizing workflow processes. Our innovative technology solutions ensure impeccable output delivery and efficiency.
  • Human Capital Investment
    Our most invaluable asset is our team. We prioritize continual training and development, keeping our workforce aligned with the ever-evolving medical landscape to maintain expertise and excellence.
  • Collaborative Expertise
    Fusing the proficiency of seasoned medical language specialists with the innovation of information technology professionals, we deliver services that surpass expectations.
  • HIPAA Compliance
    Ensuring complete adherence to HIPAA regulations, safeguarding patient confidentiality and data security throughout our operations.

Pennhealth Since 2017

This adaptive approach is at the heart of our culture. We challenge, support and engage with you to create value through successful transformation.



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