We provide all kinds of detail-driven medical summarization services.

Medical summarization plays a vital role with insurance claim settlements and legal dispute related to Worker’s Compensations emerging from injuries or conditions that are job-related.  Appropriate organization and meticulous summarization of medical record are the key factors for these services.

When medical records are summarized, the end use as specified by the clients is taken into account.  The end product may be used for Plaintiffs or Defendants or for the use of Peer Reviews, DDE, and IME.  The essential information found in the original medical records provided by the clients are focused on and reproduced in a reflective manner for the end user.  Summarization is done by experienced resources with a clear-cut understanding of the legal aspects and significance.

What We Do?

A thoughtful analysis and organization of medical records received with hyperlinks, which helps the end user in easy navigation.

Summarization of analyzed data and make it available for review by the end user.

We Serve

Workmen Compensation Claim Administrators /Insurance companies, especially the private disability insurance carriers/TPAs.

Medico-Legal Firms who provide Qualified Medical Evaluation and litigation support to plaintiffs or defendants.

Independent/Qualified Medical Evaluators (IME / QMEs).

Types of Summaries

Comprehensive Summary

An in-depth view of the claimant’s medical records, extracting a lot of information for review.  Deep analysis of the medical records.

Narrative Medical Summary

A concise description of details found in the medical records, with the most relevant information.  A brief synopsis of the most pertinent information.

Medical Chronology & Timelines

Outlining medical history relevant to claimant’s injury, overview of claimant’s past medical records and current medical status.


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