Growth of Pennhealth in Scribing

Pennhealth was started in 2018 (subsidiary of Vishwa Transcriptions founded in 2002) and has been accelerating ever since in all its healthcare services. We continue to grow our team in the scribing domain with a flexible approach in our services. We are set to continue to grow exponentially in the coming months of 2019 and continue it through 2020.

Hire A Scribe

From implementation to successful delivery, we will take care of your scribing needs so you could increase your patient per hour output.  Our existing clients have benefitted with our services in the following ways:

Increased Productivity

Maximized patient satisfaction

Decreased physician fatigue

Quicker documentation

Lower Cost of documentation


Our HIPAA-compliant, technology-enabled security system ensures patient confidentiality and prevents data loss. Our production floors are secured with Biometric access and closed circuit television monitoring. Auto screen locks and firewalls prevent unauthorized access to data. Our malware protection technology is regularly updated to counter external threats.