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Virtual Medical Scribing Service

PennHealth Informatics provides specialized Virtual Medical Scribing services that allow clinics and health centers to ease provider burnout while increasing revenue and lowering documentation burdens.Our in-house coders review and verify all the documents to ensure precise and concise documentation.

Medical scribes assist clinicians in providing high-quality care by implementing intelligent clinical operations through the HIPAA compliance board and using Virtual Medical Scribe Services to maintain accurate documentation on patient charts on a tight budget.

Fast, Accurate, and Secure Medical Scribe Services from PennHealth Informatics

Medical scribes are experts who enter physician dictations and patient encounters into a patient’s medical records. The amount of time a physician spends documenting a patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) can be significantly decreased using a medical scribe. Historically, medical scribes would travel with doctors to appointments to record the patient’s records. The easiest and most economical way to connect your EHR platform with conventional medical transcription is through virtual medical scribes. In addition to learning how to use new technology, EHR charting and data entry require you to review and edit your own notes before entering them. Allow one of our online medical scribes to handle this additional work so you can devote more time to caring for patients and your personal life.

PennHealth is one of the top medical service organizations offering virtual medical scribes for medical communities. One of the leading medical service organizations offering virtual medical scribes for medical communities is PennHealth. When doctors require Scribes, we record patient data; our team is only a tap away and is prepared to listen to you, add everything needed, and consult with doctors for additional updates.

How Can Hiring a Scribe Help You?

From implementation to successful delivery, we will take care of your scribing needs so you can increase your patient-per-hour output. Hiring a Scribe helps you in different ways:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Maximized Patient Satisfaction
  • Reduce Patient Wait Time in the Waiting Room
  • Decreased Physician Fatigue
  • Quicker Documentation
  • Lower Cost of Documentation
  • Spend More Time on Patient Care
  • Spend Less Time on Administration
  • Increase Accuracy

Our Virtual Medical Scribing Service

Realtime Charting by Pennhealth Informatics LLC

Realtime Charting

A virtual medical scribe provides remote assistance to healthcare providers by documenting provider-patient encounters real-time via virtual communication platforms.

TAT Based Charting by Pennhealth Informatics LLC

TAT Based Charting

TAT-based charting involves documenting recordings of provider-patient encounters within a specific timeframe. Here the audio recording of the patient-doctor conversation is documented by the scribe and uploaded into EHR within TAT.

Medical Scribing services by Pennhealth Informatics LLC

Charting Using Dictation

Charting using dictation involves the healthcare provider dictating the content for EHR documentation of patient encounters and scribe completes the charting in EHR by listening to the dictated audio provided by the provider.

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HIPAA Compliant


Our HIPAA-compliant, technology-enabled security system ensures patient confidentiality and prevents data loss. Our production floors are secured with Biometric access and closed circuit television monitoring. Auto screen locks and firewalls prevent unauthorized access to data. Our malware protection technology is regularly updated to counter external threats.